Sungard AS

3D direct mail, done differently



If you have an IT disaster, the team at Sungard are the heroes you want flying to your rescue. A global provider of IT resilience and disaster recovery services, their specialism is in minimising risk and enhancing the robustness of your IT infrastructure.


To generate tangible leads and convert them into meeting requests. Sungard’s expertise lies in a subject many find inaccessible, so we needed to find a way to create interest in their services, which could then be nurtured to form lasting relationships.

To generate those leads and convert them into meetings with the UK and US sales teams, we created a direct mail pack and website landing page.



This wasn’t just your run-of-the-mill service brochure: we delivered an impactful, incentive-driven three-dimensional mailer. Each was tailored per client, complete with a URL to take them through to an inspiring, personalised landing page. There, they were met with a booking form to arrange that all-important meeting.



  • 28% of recipients visited the landing page – a great result for a company with such niche expertise
  • We achieved more than double the conversions from any previous Sungard direct response campaign
  • 6% of UK recipients had a meeting with the sales team
  • 2.76% of USA recipients did the same

Sungard Chief Marketing Officer, Kathleen Schneider, has recently won two ‘Women in Business’ awards. All thanks to her hard work and our ‘Lead with Resilience’ advertising campaign.