South West Water

Source for Searches


Source for Searches from South West Water offers a range of property services for residential and commercial properties to support the purchase, sale, re-mortgage or development of property or land.

The information provided identifies potential risks that all parties involved in a property transaction need to be aware of.

Source for Searches had been manually providing searches, taking calls or emails from customers, and having the search teams supply the product list verbally via email or post to provide the property search results.


Create a sales-focused website:

  • With a robust shopping cart system through which products can be ordered, paid for or invoiced.
  • That could integrate with South West Water’s internal processing systems.

The site needed to:

  • Offer an excellent, intuitive customer experience.
  • Increase sales to both new and existing customers.
  • Open up new markets for SWW products.
  • Increase awareness of the new brand.
  • Be easy to update with web content, navigation and product details by non-technical South West Water employees and other agency staff.
  • Recognise best practice in terms of accessibility and usability.
  • Include a back-end admin area for running sales, marketing and web-analytic type reports.


  • An e-commerce website
  • Built on Drupal – an open-source content management system – allowing for easy updating, product upload and categorisation.
  • A postcode-driven search
  • Bringing up the appropriate products available for that area or property.
  • Additional functionality
  • Allowing the customer placing an order to upload a plan or survey before the purchase; so the Source for Searches teams receive a complete order and have no need to request further information.


  • Uplift in sales transactions of 304% in the first month – and 4,000% after 7 months.
  • Huge overall upsurge in customers switching to Source for Searches as a dedicated supplier for all their search requirements.
  • The Source for Searches team is delivering more searches in less time than they ever thought possible.