Multi-channel brand awareness ad campaign


Rathbones is one of the UK’s leading providers of investment management services. Managing over £50 billion for its clients, it’s already a name synonymous with trust. But after being in business for over 250 years, Rathbones needed to refresh its position as a company ready to handle whatever the future holds.




Increase Rathbones’ brand awareness nationally, particularly around its three key regional offices in Winchester, Chichester and Lymington. To do this, we needed to deepen our understanding of Rathbones’ current client-base, and discover which media channels would gain greatest awareness in these geographical locations.


After creating three Mosaic profiles representing typical Rathbones target clients, we cross-referenced each of them with postcodes from the Winchester, Chichester and Lymington areas. By evaluating the media consumption habits of the resulting demographic, we could then create a targeted media plan.

We created a 5-month multi-channel ad plan, including Press, Sky AdSmart, Direct Mail and Online Display Advertising, all targeted at a drive-time of one hour around each office. We complemented these efforts with creative executions for TV and a campaign landing page.



Using Google Analytics, we measured the brand searches and direct traffic to Rathbone’s website, originating from the three towns. This provided us with a top-level measure of the impact of the campaign. It indicated the level of awareness for the Rathbones brand, and the resulting journey online to find out more from each of the locations. Each town saw an increase through the course of the campaign:

  • An increase of 79.73% in Winchester
  • An increase of 41.15% in Chichester
  • An increase of 46.15% in Lymington


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