Rathbone Brothers

Website redesign


Rathbones is one of the UK’s leading providers of investment management services for private clients, charities and professional advisers. With a heritage dating back to 1742, it has over 35,000 clients and nearly £17 billion of funds under management.


Our brief for brand development meant creating a premium image, appealing to the younger ‘new money’ audience, whilst retaining Rathbones’ unique heritage to remain relevant to its existing customer base. Taking into account the many items currently produced, we captured the essence of Rathbones graphically at every touch point, and also applied this to its online presence. Rathbones needed its website to play a more effective and results-driven role.

The site was receiving around 25,000 visits per month – most staying on the site for less than a minute, and almost 45% of visitors going no further than the homepage. Traffic tended to be direct (67%), with 27% coming from search engines and 6% arriving from referral sites. Rathbones wanted to see more traffic and better content, functionality and navigation to achieve a lower bounce-rate.


We achieved a clean, uncluttered look and feel, making use of white space and concise headlining; all online and offline communications were made to be easily digestible. Rathbones’ heritage was made manifest with black and white, high-contrast, architectural photography.

For the website, we created a look and feel that was fresher, cleaner and less cluttered, with a far more dynamic homepage. Navigation was made simpler, more consistent and intuitive, which allowed us to direct different audiences from the homepage to the relevant content more efficiently.

In order to reflect the changing needs of its customers, alongside the web build, we also created a mobile version of the Rathbones website, compatible across iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian platforms and a complementary iPhone/Android App, ‘Rathbones View’ which provided a world of information and news about the company, and its services.

The app gives free access to:

  • Rathbones’ newsletters – Rathbones’ Review, Charity Review, Professionals Update and the Rathbone Greenbank newsletter.
  • The latest industry opinion and market insight.
  • Share price tracker – to monitor the performance of individual stocks.
  • Location details for Rathbones’ 12 offices.
  • Rathbones’ share price and investor-relations information.



  • 30% increase in month-on-month web traffic.
  • Clients spending on average 20% more time on the site than previously.
  • Bounce rate has dropped by 30%.
  • Generally, 5% more pages are being viewed per visit.

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