Prysmian Group

Corporate communications


Prysmian is the world’s largest manufacturer of energy cables, one of the largest in the telecom cables market, and number two for fibre optic cables and related accessories.

Our relationship with the business was built on an existing partnership with Pirelli Cables, dating back to 1994-95.

Alongside Pirelli, we worked on a wide range of projects, taking in branding, product launches, advertising campaigns, marketing collateral and exhibitions.

The relationship continued when Pirelli sold its cable business to Prysmian, with work still covering the entire marketing mix and an increased focus on international events and roadshows.


In 2011, Prysmian bought fellow cable manufacturer, Draka, creating a new leader in the cable industry. We were tasked with helping to deliver a new brand, new messaging and new marketing materials to support and promote this launch - alongside related product innovations and internal communications.


Taking on the branding groundwork already developed, we created a series of positioning messages and communications that covered everything from the Prysmian Group, through its various business units, right down to individual product level. Always reiterating a commitment to innovation, environmental responsibility and customer focus, we have since produced work that includes advertising, web content, corporate communications (in the form of event graphics, audio-visual presentations and movies), product promotions and Prysmian Group's central corporate brochure.