Toughpad FZ-M1 European launch


The latest member of Panasonic’s renowned range of ‘rugged’ laptops and tablets, the Toughpad FZ-M1 is the world’s first fully rugged 7” tablet and a device that puts your everyday iPad well in its place. You can drop it. Soak it. Freeze it. Heat it. Use it in sunlight or when you’re wearing gloves. And it just goes on and on performing.

Quite an arrival in the tablet market then. And one that Panasonic asked us to promote across Europe.


From defence to education, and from retail to construction, the FZ-M1’s audience of IT buyers stretches far and wide. So we needed to talk to them on their terms, on subjects that matter to them. Equally, we had to pique the interest of key IT commentators and the industry press, to make sure we got plenty of on- and offline coverage of the launch.

And underlying all of this was one critical factor – the international nature of the campaign. We had to launch the FZ-M1 in more than 20 countries and 17 different languages.


‘Ambitious’ doesn’t quite convey the scope of the project. Building on Panasonic’s ‘breakthrough mobility’ concept, we designed and delivered a campaign that took in…

  • Web content for 20 individual countries in 17 languages
  • Online advertising in multiple languages
  • Product CGI movies using the latest 3D modeling, rendering and animating techniques and technology
  • Product photography that incorporated studio shots, CGI and retouching
  • An animated infographic that became five distinct movies
  • SEO and PPC activity (delivered in conjunction with our media partner, EquiMedia)
  • Digital advertising for social platforms, such as LinkedIn
  • Press advertising for trade and general publications
  • Posters and event dressing
  • Pan-European launch emails and supporting animated email signatures
  • Sector-specific printed brochures
  • Multi-lingual sales support collateral, including product range guides and spec sheets
  • Sales presentations


As is the norm with large-scale B2B purchases, Toughpads tend to be bought over long sales cycles. But the initial response to our launch tells us success is well on the way.

  • Over 40,000 new page views of the product web page since launch
  • 400% uplift in page visits in the first day the online advertising went live
  • 10% response rate to the European email launch campaign and an immediate 16 qualified leads added to Panasonic’s sales pipeline (leads with significant multi-thousand-euro projects)
  • Hundreds of video reviews on YouTube (in conjunction with PR activity)
  • Thousands of online reviews on Google

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