A first-of-its-kind website + system



P+S is the official global strategic agency partner of Panasonic, and we’ve worked with nine of its companies around the world, developing 164 global websites in 24 languages.



Our in-house software development team recommended the upgrade of a colossal Drupal 7 website to Drupal 8 for the Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Company of America (PIDSA), in order to better serve reams of data in a completely flexible way.



Panasonic’s first ‘headless’ Drupal 8 website on an enterprise scale. Now responsive too.

Additionally, we organised, streamlined and delivered a monumental amount of real-time data from an eCatalog that was struggling to cope.

This data is then fed into an intermediary Product Information Management (PIM) system – built by P+S and entirely bespoke for the client. This means that PIDSA users can make changes to the data themselves, giving more control over how product information is displayed on their site to customers.

In addition to better control, the result is far greater speed, a far better user experience and far less likelihood of error or latency in the back-end system.



A ‘headless’, responsive Drupal 8 website on an enterprise scale. One of the first of its kind.

  • Better site search capability, providing faster and more relevant search results
  • Improved product detail specifications
  • Improved sales support tools
  • Achievement of WCAG AA Standard for accessibility
  • Smoother, faster UX
  • A responsive site
  • Enhanced search engine optimisation

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