Camera Manager launch


‘The cloud’. You’ve probably heard it mentioned in relation to computing, or smartphone apps and software. But Panasonic has a more expansive vision for its uses in our everyday and working lives.

The first manifestation of this vision is its newly launched ‘Cameramanager’ cloud-based surveillance service. This virtual application allows professional and personal users to keep an eye on their homes, premises and businesses, wherever they are, via their PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

It’s the opening offer in a range of cloud-based services to come from Panasonic, so has real strategic significance for the company on a global scale.


Following a successful pitch process, we were given the task of delivering its launch in Europe. It was a high-profile project and one that would define Panasonic’s approach to positioning further cloud-based services in the future. 

And that meant the opportunity was as exciting as it was challenging.


Working closely with a team of Panasonic product and marketing specialists based in Spain, Holland, Germany and the UK, we created a proposition, identity and messaging that’s now appearing in the form of exhibition materials, online content, an animated movie and brochures. 

Critically, it had to give the Cameramanager service a powerful presence from the outset, but must also be easily adapted to the further Panasonic cloud-based services that are to follow.

The world was given its first sight of Cameramanager by Panasonic at IFA 2013 in Berlin, the world’s leading trade show for consumer electrics. We’re proud to say that the positioning, look and feel were all received extremely positively and all three have now been rolled-out across more in-depth brochures and POS packaging, as we extend the fame of Cameramanager to new audiences.