Mastercraft Tires

Selling a US product in a Middle Eastern market


Cooper Tire and Rubber Company is the fourth largest tyre manufacturer in North America, and the13th largest in the world. Shipping tyres to more than155 countries, it employs nearly 13,000 people worldwide. Together with its affiliates, subsidiaries and joint ventures, it manufactures on three continents, has distribution networks around the world, and produces a range of products that meet (and exceed) the demands of the world’s most dynamic markets.


Cooper Tires were looking to create awareness of their American brand Mastercraft in the Middle Eastern market. Still relatively unknown in the Middle East, they’re a mid-range alternative to the high-end tyres already being successfully marketed there. Mastercraft’s previous advertising campaigns had been heavily geared towards the US audience, so they needed to make sure the new campaign had the relevancy and appeal to create cut-through in this specific and highly competitive market.



Crucial to the campaign was showing the tyres (and vehicles) in relatable locations – but a Middle Eastern photo shoot would run to tens of thousands of pounds. So to give Cooper Tires a big-budget result for a realistic cost, we used a mix of photography, creativity and studio technology.

For our city car, we shot in a local science park – giving us the right modern architectural background for our Middle Eastern audience. But with the 4x4, we needed a sandy desert. So to achieve an authentic ‘sand on tyres’ effect, we set up a shoot on a local beach…

Back in the studio, we used the results to produce a suite of images showing the various positions and angles of our two types of tyres. We then combined these with relevant location backdrops – mixing and matching seamlessly to create any combination our campaign needed.

The impressive results of an international photo shoot – from within 30 miles of Bristol.