New identity for software company


The rundown

A new identity for a world-class software company with the West Country at its heart.




The services provided

  • Branding and identity
  • Print design
  • Copywriting
  • Consultancy


The client

An offshoot of London company Softwire, Bristol-based Ghyston is all about making technology work for their clients, and enjoying the process.

It’s all about a culture of balance too – one that doesn’t sacrifice life experiences to the daily grind. But they have a whole lot of heart, a whole lot of passion, and a whole lot of talent; they’re a company full of some of the best and brightest minds in the business.


The brief

A total rebrand, based on a shiny new name, Ghyston. This meant drilling down to what the company was truly about, what it wanted to be, capturing its personality, and then converting all that information into a tangible and inspiring creative identity. One that was braver than your average technology company.

Why Ghyston we hear you ask?

A mythological character from Bristol folklore, Ghyston was one of two giants vying for the love of a girl. As with all good love sagas, a ridiculous gauntlet was thrown, and long story short, our hero won the day thanks to a little nous and a lot of steady pacing.

Ghyston the man is the perfect characterisation of Ghyston the brand.


The answer

Research, research, research. From market and competitor analysis to employee and customer interviews, we left no stone unturned and no path untrodden.

Next, came the workshop. We worked with the Ghyston team to determine the company’s positioning, vision, values, personality, customer personas and core offerings.

Then finally, we brought the brand to life.

We drafted the company story (or in B2B speak, the proposition), its call to arms, its internal manifesto if you like. We created a dynamic logo. And we fashioned brand guidelines and resources – covering everything from tone of voice, to typography, to bespoke icons.


The results

  • A fully realised (and braver) new brand, charged and ready to take on the software world
  • Enhanced employee engagement thanks to collaborative input into said new brand
  • The perfect tool for Ghyston to tell their unique story and show off their true colours consistently – whatever the medium or platform