Effat University

A unique look and feel for a unique university

Founded as Effat College in 1999 by HRH Princess Effat Al Thunayan Al Saud (‘Queen Effat’), Effat achieved its university status in 2009 to become the first private non-profit female university in Saudi Arabia.

This unique and inspirational establishment is now one of the most forward-looking universities for women in the Middle East, partnering with educational institutions around the world – and we’ve been working with them for more than 12 years…


On the back of our brand repositioning work to mark their first 10 years, Effat asked us to take their new strategic direction through to all key comms – applying it to design, content and tone of voice.  First up was their Aspire to Achieve brochure, a ‘snapshot’ view of the university and its benefits for a wide-ranging audience, from potential students and their parents through to investors and even the government. One of its main objectives was to reflect that Effat are on a par with their international peer group, while still communicating their own cultural identity.



Words that work

To keep Effat shoulder to shoulder with their worldwide peers without undermining their more traditional content, we struck a balance between the way we know they and their wider community feel comfortable communicating, and the way that others are doing it.  Opting for a simple progression rather than a complete departure, we created a tone of voice that was polite and measured, confident and warm.


Contemporary approach, relevant message

Taking into account our research into other universities, we used the audience profiling and key messages we’d previously developed for Effat to build a ‘content checklist’ for our brochure – making sure that everything we included, from copy to imagery, expressed what our various audiences were looking for.


Effective, easily managed content

To make the process of gathering persuasive ‘soundbites’ as easy for Effat as possible, we built a framework of simple questions that could be given to any group (parents, staff, students or investors) at any time, in any format – each designed specifically to get answers that’d create the richest possible content.


Painting the right picture

From up-to-date pictures of students enjoying life at Effat and shots of the latest additions to their extensive (and impressive) facilities upgrade, to the use of modern angles, fresh colours and fonts, we made sure their new brochure visually showcases the very best they have to offer – and strongly communicates the progression of their brand.