New identity for progressive government body


Economic Cities and Special Zones Authority (ECZA) is the organisation responsible for the promotion and supervision of Saudi Arabia’s burgeoning Economic Cities – a fundamental building block in the ongoing economic diversification within the Kingdom.



Create a new identity and clear positioning that pitches ECZA as a progressive, thoroughly modern KSA body, while retaining concepts of heritage, supervision, custodianship and regulation.

It should align the organisation’s goals seamlessly with those set out in the Saudi Vision 2030.



A truly collaborative process. Working with investors, agencies and master developers, we conducted in-depth studies and extensive market research, collecting visual influences from Saudi culture, landscapes, architecture and history, and getting to the real heart and soul of the organisation.



  • A cohesive vision, mission and purpose
  • A visual personality, created from the ground up
  • A modernised logo, incorporating a fresh reimagining of the instantly recognisable Saudi crossed swords and palm logo
  • A unified brand that has both a new and forward-looking flavour, while retaining its sense of heritage and gravitas

“Proctors’ level of strategic thinking and creativity makes them stand out. They have an incredibly good understanding of who your customer is, and how to reach them. The quality of the work has been superb. They were open, honest, and direct, very personable and extremely focused on their client.”

Eman O Mufti

Assistant Manager, PR & Communications