Continuity Partner

Right from the word go - A powerful start for a powerful start-up company


Set up by an experienced group of senior-level crisis management professionals, Continuity Partner is a start-up company that helps businesses get back up and running after a disaster. From the major to the minor, their global team of experts will manage all aspects of an incident, making sure companies recover quickly and keep their reputations intact.



Coming to us with just a logo and bullet point presentation, they were looking for a strong brand identity and a powerful way of presenting their proposition that both explained their offer and positioned them as an established company.



The right look and feel from the off

Starting more or less from scratch, we developed a suite of new visuals, graphics and colours – creating a visual identity that suggested strength and credibility, and gave their brand the right level of gravitas. We used strong blues and monochrome as the basis for their palette, and a dramatic cityscape as our key presentation image.


A story with impact

To create a presentation with punch, we built out their list of facts into a complete narrative; taking the audience on a journey through the experience of a crisis. With a visual timeline of events that illustrated each step they would go through, we showed exactly what it would be like with and without Continuity Partner’s involvement. Using clean, crisp language, key stats and icon-based visuals, we produced a presentation that made a powerful point, simply and clearly. We used a mix of graphics and editable text so Continuity Partner could amend details whenever they needed, while still keeping the overall message intact.


Engaging animation

Using the key points from the full presentation, we produced a short supporting video to help bring extra impact to their message. We wrote a fluid, naturalistic script (reflecting the ease and reassurance of working with Continuity Partner) and used simple animation, along with a warm voiceover and unobtrusive music, to help engage the audience, and bring real clarity to benefits of working with Continuity Partner.



They’ve shown the presentation and video to a number of potential partners and investors and, so we’ve been told, everyone ‘drops their jaw when they see it as it’s so slick and easy to understand’. Some even added that they ‘can hardly believe such a new venture could look so established straight off.’


So we’re pretty happy with that!

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