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SW7 Academy

SW7 Academy website

Improved UX and ad management for a growing fitness and training provider

Offering a first-class coaching and playing experience through an online academy, SW7 Academy is Sam Warburton’s vision for professional-level training. It’s designed to help users become the best possible athlete and exceed their personal goals. As a two-time former British & Irish Lions rugby captain, Sam knows a thing or two about achieving your potential.


SW7 Academy had a simple one-page website, which wasn’t optimised to drive traffic. The UX wasn’t working for them, and there wasn’t enough content or thought leadership to hold the user’s attention.

Additionally, the site’s growth needed advertising support –something the team hadn’t had the chance to experiment much with – so it was a great opportunity to do some testing and support them in managing their campaigns.


Working closely with the SW7 Academy team, our digital team designed a new website that would be easier to use, more user-friendly, and rich with useful content. We used Webflow to keep costs down and ensure the site would be easy to update as the business grew. A new Knowledge Hub houses valuable content to engage their audience of fitness enthusiasts and sports professionals.

As well as an improved site structure and user experience, our designers have brought a new sense of cohesion to the brand, from the website to social media.

Our strategy and demand generation team took on the management of SW7 Academy’s advertising, focusing predominantly on paid social and PPC. This also meant we could keep an eye on the new site’s performance – the results of which did not disappoint.

rise in customers from Sept to Jan
Year on year increase in site users
Year on year uptick in page views

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