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Runnymede Trust

Runnymede Trust

A bold brand boost for a leading race equality think tank

The Runnymede Trust is the UK’s leading race equality think tank. They provide authoritative research-based interventions that equip decision-makers, practitioners and citizens with the knowledge and tools to deliver genuine progress towards racial equality in Britain.

Runnymede Trust

The Runnymede Trust needed a website and brand refresh. One that felt worthy of their important work.

Their existing site was outdated. It didn’t reflect their bold mission statement and didn’t meet key accessibility standards. Their donation page was hosted on a different site, and they needed a more modern, structured navigation to make it easier for viewers to engage with their content.

They wanted an evolution of their brand guidelines, not a revolution. This meant updating their bright, bold company colours and logo, and introducing new typography.  

Due to the proposed size of Runnymede’s website and their requirements, we chose to build it in Webflow, which allows for flexible, design-led content management. This would also keep costs down, as Webflow requires little to no coding.


We worked closely with the Runnymede team to refresh their brand and bring it up to date. Our graphic design team implemented a refresh of their distinct colour palette that reflects Runnymede’s bold ambitions.

The team also made clean, subtle changes to the Runnymede logo, as well as replacing the final E with the equals sign. This reinforces Runnymede’s purpose of delivering progress towards racial equality in Britain.

The graphic design team then worked alongside the digital design team to implement these brand devices onto the new website. For instance, the equals sign was transformed into a device to anchor content on the site. The digital design team then developed this into clever animations which are used across the site.

After successfully updating Runnymede’s brand identity, the digital design team worked closely with Runnymede to make their website dreams a reality.

The team created a clear flow of content throughout the website, allowing the user to navigate the site with ease.

They added key integrations such as Jet Boost on the blog page, which allows users to filter posts by category, so they can easily locate articles.  

They also added Donately, an integration that allows users to donate to Runnymede directly on their site without being directed to an external site. Already in the first few weeks of the site being live, we’ve seen a significant rise in donations.

It was important to the Runnymede team that the new site was accessible to all. So, the digital design team ensured that it passed the AA accessibility standards.

Finally, we provided the Runnymede team with concise training sessions on Webflow so that they can upload their outstanding new content onto the site without reliance on us.

In all, we gave Runnymede a brand refresh and produced a new website which gives their inspiring work the platform it deserves.

Uplift of website views per week
Increase in donations

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