FX HedgePool
FX HedgePool

FX HedgePool Public-Facing Website

Re-envisioning the public-facing website of a revolutionary new foreign exchange (FX) matching engine, and elevating it to the next level with Webflow

FX HedgePool is an award-winning matching engine for the mid-market execution of foreign exchange (FX) swaps that is transforming the market by unbundling liquidity from credit.

Their platform unlocks vast potential for passive hedgers to mutually offset each others' flow, while non-disruptively leveraging existing counterparty relationships for actual credit provision. Passive hedgers can now access a new source of safe, dependable liquidity - eliminating unnecessary friction for both the buy-side and the sell-side.

Founded in 2019 by FX industry and fintech veterans, Jay Moore, Emin Tatosian, and Richard Leader, FX HedgePool is redefining FX swap market structure.

FX HedgePool

A revolutionary product deserves an equally groundbreaking website. And the team at FX HedgePool had bold plans for a website which would elevate the profile of their extraordinary product.

There was an ambitious deadline for launch, tying in with a critical day in the FX trading world: ‘roll day’, when the team sends out position reports to their clients, introduces new Key Hires, and planned to announce their first quarterly IMM trade on a new liquidity date. Any new site needed to appeal to FX HedgePool’s growing community of some of the world's largest buy-side institutions and global banks.

But it goes without saying that any new site couldn’t be all style and no substance. 

Our creation needed to maximise FX HedgePool’s online presence, as well as being carefully optimised for SEO and maximum accessibility. And that meant creating a site as impactful, engaging and intriguing as FX HedgePool’s product itself, while helping to nurture prospects at every stage of their customer journey.

To add just a nudge more to our challenge, we’d be working together from opposite sides of the planet: between FX HedgePool’s Head Office in the World Trade Centre, and Proctors’ team here in the South West of the UK. 

Oh, and did we mention we had just one month to launch, if we wanted to catch these important deadlines?


We used Webflow to build a website that is as stunning as it is informative.

Unlike other ‘website builder’ platforms such as Squarespace and Wix, Webflow’s advantage is that it’s highly customisable. You aren’t limited to templates, meaning your site can become whatever you – and your audience – need it to be.

As certified Webflow experts, we were able to take full control over the site’s structure and content, in order to make FX HedgePool’s creative dreams a reality.

None of our changes came without first and foremost knowing what it was FX HedgePool’s customers would want to see.

Many of the site’s visitors are traders working in the bullpen, and can be found working on ‘super-widescreen’ 40+ inch screens.That meant our design needed to be able to scale up to a much larger degree than your standard website, without impacting usability and accessibility.

So, to keep visitors engaged, we included on-page animations throughout the website, adding an appealing element and allowing pages to be scaled-up without looking sparse. And because social proof is a huge testament to what FX HedgePool’s product can do, we also included a rotating carousel of customer testimonials – which, because of Webflow’s intuitive back-end, can be easily updated through the site’s CMS.

We didn’t just focus on the website as a standalone project. Complementing the site is a video with a hardcoded text overlay, meaning it could be indexed and crawled by search engines to improve SEO and search rankings. So even more people can search and discover the team’s innovative solution.

Plus, we created a unique way of gating content on the news and insights page, using cookies to ensure visitors don’t have to enter their personal data more than once.

One of the most surprising successes was our ability to work efficiently despite the time-zone differences. In fact, in many cases, we were able to action FX HedgePool’s feedback while they slept, ready for review in the morning.

Finally, to tie our efforts together, we also advised the team at FX HedgePool on their automation system, helping them set up and integrate their Pardot and Salesforce accounts with the new site. Now, all their webforms and email address entries are synced straight into their CRM system, meaning no lead is missed.

We can’t take all the credit. Other contributors to the website’s incredible design include: 

Nicole Morgese Moore, Creative Director + Copywriter

Rei Rocha, Creative Director +Art Director, Gang

Pierce Gibson, Animator

The team at Proctor + Stevenson adapted superbly to our US East Coast hours and delivered a top-class digital product per a demandingly tight timescale. They dovetailed seamlessly with our creative team – as well as providing creative guidance of their own – and proved consistently adept and agile throughout, including responding to one or two course evolutions as the project took shape. From a client experience standpoint, they were transparent, approachable, and always generous with their time – including enlisting others from the wider agency. From our perspective, they made it very easy and worry-free. We'll very likely be entrusting them with further digital work in the near future.
Richard Leader
Chief Operating Officer
FX HedgePool

Bringing a revolutionary foreign exchange matching engine to life, with Webflow, for award-winning e-trading business FX HedgePool.

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