Actual Experience

Actual Experience

Making the world of digital work, work properly

Actual Experience exists to make the digital world – the networks, data centres, tools and applications – work properly, for everyone, everywhere, all of the time. Why?

Because the digital economy is worth 25 trillion dollars a year. And businesses increasingly rely on their digital environments working for their employees and customers all the time.

When they don’t, productivity is lost – and that proves costly to any business. It can also lead to digital inequality too. If one employee’s setup is causing them issues which negatively impact their performance, it could even risk their livelihoods. 

One solution to this digital quandary? Human Experience (HX) management.


Human Experience management is the result of more than a decade of patented academic research.  

It’s not only game changing. It’s a tried and tested method of understanding just how a business’ digital ecosystem is impacting the wellbeing, performance and efficiency of its employees. And most importantly, it delivers actionable data.

Not only can HX management reveal insights into the causes of variable or poor experiences, it can help businesses transform inconsistent digital services into consistent, reliable and productive working – and allow them to create budget for business-wide projects with evidence-based backing. 

We were already working with the team at Actual Experience to create an ABM campaign in order to identify and target prospective new clients. Along the way, the team also approached us about upgrading their current website to Webflow – a no-code, flexible and future-proof web design solution – tying in with the launch of their updated and refreshed brand guidelines, and their new push towards direct customer engagement.  

Our challenge? To create a website every bit as innovative as their revolutionary approach to human-centred experience management.


We took the Actual Experience team through a fast-paced and thorough ‘wish list’ process, designed to help them get the very best out of their new website. We started by putting together a full feature list, creating high-fidelity wireframes and design styles, all before even beginning the build.

This meant by the time we started creating the site on Webflow, the Actual Experience team already had a clear picture of exactly what their site would look like, and how it would function without designing every page in the first-hand. And equally, because we knew we were delivering exactly what they wanted, we could push for tight deadlines in line with their objectives. 

One of most crucial requirements of the new website was to introduce a more complex, design-led navigation.

While this sounds counter-intuitive, in practice, it would allow us to direct different audiences to the content which is most relevant for them. For example, there’s a distinct difference between the information IT professionals and HR professionals need and would like to see.

In all, we delivered a fast-paced project under equally demanding timescales. And the result is a responsive, future-proofed website, acting as testament to the forward thinking work Actual Experience do.

After taking on our ambitious brief, the Proctors team delivered an exceptional website that resonates with our customers. The site was both on-time and on budget, with Proctors’ consistent proactivity making the process as efficient and stress-free as we could dream of.

Vaq Hussain
Marketing Director

Actual Experience

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