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Holly Graham

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Account Director

With a degree in Marketing, Communications and Advertising, a previous role as Marketing Coordinator under her belt, and an Eloqua B2B Luminary title to boot (it basically means she’s an accredited maven of all things marketing automation) Holly was made for the demanding world of account directing. At Proctors, she works exclusively for the Computer Product Solutions (CPS) division of our huge technology client Panasonic, so she has an almost sixth-sense for what they want and need. Their European and international campaigns (no pressure Holly!) require much organisational nous; multiple ball juggling and mountains of strategic thinking. And thanks to her cool, calm and collected manner, she delivers all of the above in spades. Oh, and Holly is a real-life hero. She once prevented a robbery by rugby tackling a shoplifter. Then again, she also once unintentionally came into work with odd shoes on. You win some you lose some.

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