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Proctors' Strategic Partnership with Panasonic hits new heights

Panasonic's website on a tablet screen.

At Proctors, we’re fortunate enough to work on some incredible projects with our clients. And we quickly build close relationships with them too.

Working with Panasonic as their Global Strategic Partner is no exception. We’ve now launched a second future-focused website for the organisation.

Members of the Proctors team travelled to Japan to facilitate the site’s launch from Panasonic Business’ HQ in Tokyo. The headless Drupal 8 site is designed to provide customers and business partners with an easier, faster, more accurate, intuitive, data-driven and experiential way to engage with Panasonic products, services and solutions.

World leading technology

And this isn’t the first time we’ve delivered such a colossal project for the tech giant. Earlier this year, we launched Panasonic’s first headless Drupal 8 website on an enterprise scale, working for their North American division: Panasonic Industrials North America. In fact, this wasn’t just a first for Panasonic Industrials North America – it was a first for the global Panasonic brand.

Currently, default Drupal installations come with a pre-made theme, meaning the front-end, services and back-end are controlled by Drupal. Going ‘headless’ separates the site’s front-end from Drupal, so you can take full control of the design  - giving you ultimate agility and customisation. It means the site is faster and more responsive too.

And the best part?

The nature of the site means it’s easily redesigned. By taking advantage of modern Javascript frameworks such as Angular, each application becomes simpler and more independent from the others. So, in a company like Panasonic, where technology and products are ever-evolving, the website can be updated quickly and easily – without having to adjust the back-end or services.

It’s a more stable and scalable form of digital architecture. The site is also ready to incorporate parametric search, a blog, upgraded sales and support tools, and an applications and solutions centre, as soon as the business needs them. It’s pretty much future-proof.

User friendly, future fit

The website is strategically constructed for accessibility, providing the optimum user experience for every individual – regardless of impairment or ability – and across any device: whether desktop, tablet or mobile.

But technology wasn’t the only challenge. As a UK-based team, we needed to adapt to our clients’ schedules – eight hours ahead of our own. Not only this, but the language was an additional consideration which needed careful attention. It wasn’t just a case of translation, but of ensuring that meaning, cultural context and technicality were all appropriately addressed. We wanted the site to read as beautifully and fluently in English as it did in Japanese – and vice-versa.

With a whole lot of grit and determination, the project launch has been a roaring success. This was a truly groundbreaking, technologically-advanced project, and we couldn’t be prouder that Panasonic chose Proctors to deliver it.

Proctor + Stevenson and Panasonic have a longstanding relationship. We’ve worked with nine of its companies around the world, developing 164 global websites in 24 different languages.

You can see the newly-launched site for yourself, here.

And here you can view our first ever Headless Drupal project for Panasonic: https://na.industrial.panasonic.com/

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