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P+S launches flexible working with the help of Flexology

our HR manager and woman from flexology

With the help of flexible working specialists Flexology, P+S employees are no longer tied to the traditional 9 – 5:30pm hours and can now manage and set their own working patterns. This includes choosing to start the working day earlier or later, taking an earlier or extended lunch break, later starts following business travel and easier access to home working.

From personal or family responsibilities to commuting woes, the new culture is aimed at improving retention and productivity within P+S, giving employees the opportunity and autonomy to design and manage their own time and workload as well as attracting talent to our growing team.

This will not only ensure the satisfaction of employees but also customer satisfaction as it also enables our team to work to more similar hours to those of our international clients.

HR Manager Caroline Beardkins says, “Feedback from current employees and leavers told us that the absence of a clear and effective flexible working policy was a problem for them.  They wanted more autonomy to manage their own time and workload effectively and the opportunity to demonstrate that they can deliver what our clients need, working to less traditional working patterns.

We also received queries from candidates and recruiters about the possibility of flexible working as part of the contract when filling vacancies at P+S.  We have become more and more aware that, if we are to compete with other agencies in securing talent to grow our team, this is an area that we had to make improvements in. "

Following implementation of the flexible working scheme, Flexology will support P+S with recruiting new members of the team, using the flexible working plan to attract talent who were previously out of reach and are keen to work with an agency who takes proactive steps to ensure their team have the right work/life balance.

Caroline Beardkins says, “In order to recruit the best people, we recognise that we need to offer greater flexibility and different working options for our staff”.

P+S will monitor and measure the impact of the new plans and will make necessary adjustments to ensure it continues to benefit employees, clients and the business in the best ways possible.

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