You’re not in Wolf of Wall Street!

January 22, 2016

In the B2B world, being able to change with the times is essential. Keeping your finger on the pulse and saying goodbye to any bad habits is the only way to stay competitive in 2016. Basically, you can’t afford to be stuck in your ways.

This year, there are some obvious trends emerging, and Forbes suggests three ways B2Bs should consider marketing themselves when planning 2016’s strategies…

Relevance marketing

Firstly, customers have got a whole lot smarter, and won’t fall for the sleazy Wolf-of-Wall-Street salesperson anymore. Customers are intuitive and can get their hands on more information than ever before, meaning they have more power and the salesperson has less. “Hard selling is weak selling” – these days, it’s all about the rapport, and continuing it long after the purchase. Customer-focused marketing was once an option; now it’s a necessity.

Keep up with tech

B2Bs need to prepare for the increased adoption of virtual reality, and the continual rise in mobile technology. People are more tech savvy than ever, and businesses need to understand that using these latest technologies is crucial if they want to be perceived as a forward-thinking brand. Interactive content is also set to be huge.

Inbound marketing

Businesses will continue to see an increase in leads from their online marketing efforts – and finding the perfect people to join your team and help with this is the recipe for success.

Because the customer is spending more and more time online, inbound marketing is the key source for new leads. Cold calling/emailing is a thing of the past.

With a forward-thinking, adaptable approach to marketing, your business will continue to grow this year.

Jessica Ellis - Business Development Director