Why Was Honda’s ‘The Other Side’ Campaign So Successful?

August 7, 2015

Honda’s ‘The Other Side’ campaign was a big hit. The ad garnered a huge amount of media coverage and received numerous awards, including The One Show’s ‘Best Interactive Automobile Ad’ and the IAB’s Grand Prix for both ‘best creative idea’ and ‘boldest brand’, to name but a couple.

But what made the ad so bold and so creative? What can we learn from its success? 

For those of you who missed it, the simple idea (to illustrate the agility of the Civic) involved a man in two parallel worlds: in one, he was an everyday Dad on the school run. In the other, he became a getaway art thief speeding away from the police. But this time, the viewer was in the hot seat. By pressing ‘R’ on their keyboards as much as they wish, they were given the power to flick between the two narratives. 

As creator Scott Dungate explains to Fast Co Create, they wanted to make the viewer feel something, as opposed to telling them something. He also wanted to make sure it was “idiot-proof.” And how did he do this? The tried-and-tested scientific method of seeing if his parents could understand it, of course! 

Viewers have increasingly short attention spans, but this one managed to capture peoples’ imagination. Analytics revealed that the average dwell time was around three minutes, meaning people were staying put for the entire “experience.” As well as this, during the campaign, web traffic to the Civic site doubled.

Dungate’s advice? “Give people a show, rather than an ad.” 

Have you seen any campaigns recently that have stopped you in your tracks?

Jessica Ellis - Business Development Director