What results are you getting from lead nurturing campaigns?

January 16, 2015

The debate between Drip Campaigns (emails sent based on time) and Lead Nurturing (emails sent based on the actions of the lead). Which is best? A recent campaign from Salesforce has shown that Lead Nurturing was certainly right for them. Lead Nurturing is great for companies with expensive products, with GE (General Electric), for example, being another well-known company to use this method.  

But what can we learn from Salesforce’s recent campaign? How did it manage to increase its average order value using a demand generation programme?

As you know, Salesforce is a provider of customer relationship management (CRM) software. The company is considered the best in its game and has been ranked “most innovative” in the US by Forbes for four years running.

Salesforce firstly identified customer service performance as a key area where it could add real value for large businesses, and its marketing team decided to promote transformative change for UK companies with over 2000 employees.

How? They came up with a demand generation programme with three main goals:

  • Generate sales-qualified leads
  • Increase their average lead value
  • Ensure marketing would directly contribute a specific percentage of sales pipeline per quarter

The next step was getting the message right. Salesforce wanted businesses to realise the transformative change they could experience in a short period of time. It offered real examples of improved customer experience and then showed how their solutions could be implemented within a matter of weeks.

A Direct Mail pack was also included in the campaign, which was followed up with supporting nurturing emails sharing useful content in an informal, personal tone.

Naturally, Salesforce used its own CRM platform to track lead progressions, with shared access between teams to make campaign reporting more efficient.

One of the key aspects in the campaign, for me, was how it focused on nurturing quality leads over time. For example, follow-up emails became more and more personalised and targeted as prospects were nurtured. This really paid off: around halfway through the campaign, a significant uplift in leads was reported. The demand generation programme smashed all its targets, increasing the average order to five times what they had initially predicted. 

What results are you getting from lead nurturing campaigns?