What exactly is “field marketing”?

October 5, 2015

Ok, it’s probably another bit of marketing jargon, but “field marketing” is actually quite a simple premise; it involves selling a service or product, distributing promotional information, and engaging with target customers on a personal level. It’s absolutely nothing to do with advertising in a meadow.

Field marketing can come in numerous guises, but in the B2B world it’s likely to consist of supporting sales, hosting a workshop at a conference or trade show, or leading a demo at an event. Been to a live digital event or a conference where there’s an exhibitor? That’s field marketing.

Although the basic principles of field marketing remain the same, Business 2 Community thinks that the way we’re evolving with our target audiences are shifting and evolving. Here are some starting points when it comes to field marketing…

Understand your ideal customer

Whittle down events to the ones which your target customer is likely to attend. This doesn’t necessarily mean going to “name brand” events – you could host your own or find niche industry events.

Understand your goals

How do you encourage the people you meet to buy your product or service? Business 2 Community says it’s all down to lead generation and lead nurturing – and this should be done with the “long-haul” in mind. Offer incentives, keep the conversation going and nurture those relationships.

Understand the foot traffic plan

If you’re considering sponsoring an event, always ask the organiser to share their plans with you – they’ll know exactly where the high traffic spots are located and where people are likely to be at any given time. It’s important to gather this valuable information prior to committing to any field marketing campaign. 

Do you think anything comes close to face-to-face interactions? 

Jessica Ellis - Business Development Director