What Do B2B Marketers Like To Read?

November 14, 2014

At work, of course. A new infographic by Kapost has revealed a ‘5-minute guide’ to the (professional) content preferences of B2B marketers, which can come in handy when thinking about B2B lead generation.

Not surprisingly, content marketers state that blog posts are their favourite type of content (58%), followed by infographics and whitepapers (both at 48%), eBooks (38%) and videos (34%).

In terms of sharing, presumably a lot of it depends on the personality of the marketer in question (and the mood they’re in?). If content is “data heavy”, 63% say they share it; if it’s “playful and fun”, 67% will share it. Maybe infographics would be the perfect combination?

And what about the trust issue? Well, the marketers in this survey claim to trust thought leaders over twice as much as they trust “traditional news sources”, and ten times more than corporate blogs. They’re also ten times more likely to share it. Would you say you are a thought leader in your sector? If not, maybe now’s the time to become one!

So how should all this content be delivered? It seems that email comes out on top here. Some 69% prefer to receive content by email, with 78% claiming they also share content via email.

If you’re a B2B marketer, what would you say your preferences are in terms of content? Speaking personally, the type of content that catches my eye is always a good infographic. Not only does it share a mass of information, but makes it fun with images and stats - everyone loves a good infographic. I also have a special spot for a good story. Whether it's told via video, blog post or whatever it may be, stories have been proven to last longer in your memory than stats; stories also tend to form emotion with the reader and draws them to understand the brand better - which a stat is quite unlikely to do!