What Can We Learn From Land Rover’s ‘Can & Will’ Campaign?

October 1, 2014

Earlier this summer, Land Rover launched its brand campaign with a 61-second clip. The mini film featured people from across the world who demonstrate a ‘can and will’ spirit and was integrated across all of their marketing activity over the summer season.

The minute-long clip turned out to be a series of videos released on a regular basis, and they were all about people who have shown tremendous determination and courage to achieve something extraordinary – from a soldier in Afghanistan to a lady in her 70s who’s taken up surfing in Cornwall (the original ‘silver surfer’!). The aim was to tell the stories of people who share the essence and drive that most wannabe Land Rover owners will engage and connect with.

According to Marketing Week, Land Rover has called the ‘can and will’ campaign one of its most successful to date. The reason? Because it was integrated across all communications over the summer – from marketing and PR to events (such as the Goodwood Festival of Speed). The success of the campaign, says the article, is also much to do with the ‘perfect fit’ it manages to achieve with its ‘above and beyond’ brand message. And it seems that they’re riding the wave of the campaign; Land Rover is going to grab the opportunity to extend the message beyond the summer season, building on engagement gathered throughout the campaign.

It goes without saying, the campaign was beautifully shot and full of inspiring stories. But would this really be enough to make me buy a Land Rover? I’m not sure.

Really, this kind of campaign is nothing new; huge brands have been using this concept for years – most notably Siemens’ ‘Answers’ Campaign, produced over three years ago now. My thought is that, when you are a massive organisation like Siemens, you can burn high budgets on high impact promotional videos that demonstrate both your brand and your product. In Siemens case, some of their products can change and save lives,  the cost of products is in the hundreds and thousands if not more, so this is really about emotional response and brand power, and the way they tell their stories is hugely emotive. Those videos make me think “if I was buying an MRI machine, this video really shows me how that changes lives” – so, as a result, Siemens are at the forefront of my mind as the best machine. 

But will Land Rover’s emotional stories really make you go out and buy a Land Rover in order to live that inspiring life? Or will they just make you think “I really ought to take up that hobby/spend more time with my kids/climb that mountain for charity”?  What do you think? Will a Land Rover be on your Christmas wish-list as a result of the ‘can and will’ campaign?