What Are The Traits Of High Quality B2B Content?

July 23, 2014

I'm often asked what the recipe is for great B2B content. If only it were that simple. There's no one-size-fits-all solution to a successful content strategy, but an insightful article I came across at the weekend on the Huffington Post website suggested a few critical benchmarks that B2B brands should be aware of, so I thought I'd share them with you today.

Statistics and facts certainly drive credibility and should be a priority when it comes to B2B-focused content, as opposed to "consumerish"-type content, Huffington Post claims. While structure, story and presentation are still very important for driving conversions, you should be aware that some businesses are looking to be educated by a brand's content, too. For B2B brands your customers are regularly making decisions that impact their entire business. As a result, they want content that answers their questions, educates them and builds their trust in your brand. And don't forget to be relevant. I wrote yesterday about the "prosumer" you are targeting, so you should always have them in mind and ensure your content is credible.

The article also talks about today's "digital din"; how does a brand get heard above this? Ultimately, it takes an extremely well-thought-out marketing strategy. B2B brands can mirror the content strategy used by B2C brands in order to drive engagement, using "snackable content" to grab the attention of your target audience. Visual content (like images and infographics) also helps to do this.

Content measurement is also a vital component to all B2B content marketing processes. Big data analysis is quickly becoming the Holy Grail for B2B brands wanting to generate content marketing ROI. Here at Proctor + Stevenson we want your business to shout about the great stories it undoubtedly has, and get people to listen up and engage. Leave all your content marketing to us; we can create it, edit existing content, optimise it and work with you to draw up long-term strategies. And, of course, we'll measure how well it's working for you, too.