Twit Twoo: Twitter Appeals To B2Bs, Too

April 21, 2015

Do you use Twitter as a marketing tool for your B2B business? One thing I have found whilst talking to B2B marketers is that Twitter seems to be far down on the to-do list. Many believe it’s exclusively for consumer brands, while others claim it’s purely for youngsters. Are these all merely excuses? Should we really be embracing Twitter as a worthy addition to our marketing mix?

Twitter can really work if you position yourself as a thought leader; posting relevant, interesting, up-to-date content that makes you look clever and well-connected. Business 2 Community also mentions to engage with your audience, just as you would on other social media platforms. Rather than thinking of Twitter as your very own Tannoy system, you need to have two-way conversations in real-time, showing that there is an actual human being behind your tweets. You’re sure to get some brownie points for authenticity, right?

Similarly, no-one wants to feel like they’re chatting to a robot on Twitter. Find your brand personality and then give it a voice; after all, ‘personality’ doesn’t always equal ‘personal’. If there are lots of you manning your Twitter account, ensure everyone’s briefed on your brand persona in order to remain consistent. Another useful tip is to remember the characters for your tweet. Yes, it gives you 140, but you should always try to keep this below 120 for maximum chances of a retweet (the retweet will have to include your handle and ‘RT’).

So how else can we engage our audience on Twitter? Well, it’s always a good idea to mention your customers; everyone likes a bit of recognition! If a partner or customer has done something great (for example, speaking at an event), give them a shout-out if it’s relevant to your business. Also, remember the different time zones if you’re trying to appeal to a global market. Take advantage of scheduling tools that can help schedule your tweets.

Soon your brand is more than likely to have a greater reach, contented customers, increased brand recognition and, who knows, maybe even some new leads! Do you have any Twitter tips?