Tips for social stalking… I mean, listening

October 12, 2015

There are plenty of B2B sales opportunities on social media, but social listening is crucial if you want to advance that all-important sales pipeline. Gathering information from platforms where consumers are active can prove invaluable, as you can use this to analyse behaviour, work out peoples’ perception of your brand, and compare your reputation to your competitors’.

Business 2 Community very wisely suggests the first thing you need to do is work out where your prospects are conversing (in the B2B world, LinkedIn and Twitter are usually the dominant platforms). You then need to find the right pockets of communities to listen to on these networks (using Groups on LinkedIn or hashtags on Twitter, for instance).

Social listening also presents opportunities for adding value, and gives you the chance to fill in the “dark periods” between calls and emails. Whether it’s a ‘happy birthday’ on LinkedIn or favouriting on Twitter, there are loads of ways in which this can be done.

Next, use social listening to unearth crucial buying signals – this prized information can be used to make a salesperson’s job a whole lot easier.

As with anything, if you’re planning on adding social listening to your marketing mix, you may well come across a few obstacles along the way. In order to manage these, proper training is a must, and is the basis for any fruitful social selling initiative. It’s all about testing and optimising – so, for example, you need to be aware which conferences your prospects are attending and remain active on the hashtag-front.

How does social listening work for you?


Jessica Ellis - Business Development Director