There’s An App For That!

June 15, 2015

It’s predicted that by 2016, a quarter of the world will own a smartphone – that’s two billion people! With 60 billion downloaded apps and consumers spending more time using apps than they spend on the web, it’s fair to say that no marketer should turn a blind eye to the mobile phenomenon.

While the majority of large B2C companies would consider apps an integral part of the buying process, B2Bs seem to be hesitant. According to the Financial Express, B2B firms may find it difficult to get started because “the path to the ROI would not be straightforward and would require modifications along the way.” As well as this, in order to create “stickiness” with the customer, you need a combination of Science and Arts (or Magic and Logic, as I discussed a few weeks ago).

However, apps can and do work in the B2B world. The main reasons for these apps, though, must be based on convenience; convenience that leads to customer delight. For example, B2Bs that offer products could have an app to provide an easy way to place an order; beginning with product information and pricing, reviews, history-based reminders for reordering, shipping details, and so on.

Thought leadership content is another way to engage with B2B customers through the app. Also, the Financial Express claims that, due to B2B customers’ frequent travels, they may be delighted if they were given “networking opportunities with others in the industry through apps that could facilitate networking and exchange of ideas or best practices.”

As well as a smart, interactive design based on rigorous testing, it’s all about the promotion. Creating awareness of the app with the target audience is crucial to its success. Twitter and Facebook are good platforms on which to discuss the app with an already-interested audience.

Put simply, businesses aren’t going mobile, they already have! And once customers start telling others about the convenience of your B2B app, you could be onto a winner.