Key Takeaways From Ad Week 2015

April 7, 2015

Ad Week opened its doors in London for the third time at the end of last month, its main focus being on the key business drivers that both influence and shape our industry. Didn’t make it to the event? Fear not. Here is a brief breakdown of the themes that dominated this year’s conference.

Think long-term

Monster’s vice president Andrew Warner expressed his views that marketers are too often falling into the trap of easily-measurable marketing, as opposed to putting their efforts into more traditional forms of media that could drive long-term benefits. He said: “All too often marketers today go for things that show a quick return instead of thinking about the bigger overall business agenda, building a case and arguing it.”

Get the most out of data

Another speaker at Ad Week, Justin Skinner, vice president of marketing at Cineworld, suggested that marketers need to improve their communication of data insights with other departments; this will ensure everyone is aligned with your vision.

Brands are here to stay

Google’s Jo Hagger confirmed that technology is not making brands redundant – quite the contrary; it makes them even more important. The explosion of content, reviews and platforms means that the brand is required as “an anchor.”

Respond to changes in consumer engagement

The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) spoke about how consumer engagement will evolve with the increased use of digital. These changes will lead the consumer to have one of two relationships with a brand: either a strong emotional engagement or highly functional role.

Did you spot any other trends that rose from the discussions at Ad Week?