Street artist DANK brightens Proctor + Stevenson offices

March 8, 2018

Bristol is known for its incredible street art. From Upfest and Banksy, to the community murals in Stokes Croft and Easton, it’s a creative city we’re proud to call home.

We set up Proctors in St. Paul’s; a vibrant and diverse part of Bristol. As we’ve grown, we’ve moved into our brand-new warehouse in Easton – one of the city’s most creative quarters. We’re finally all settled in, so we decided to turn our attention to the outside and pay homage to the area’s heritage with some gorgeous new graffiti.

We invited Dan Kitchener, or 'DANK', a street artist and Illustrator from the UK, to do the honours. With a widely diverse and unique approach to his art, he has an ever-growing fan base, and continues to impress millions with his epic-scale walls, canvas shows and live painting events worldwide.

Huge, dramatic paints are his speciality (check out some of his other work here). He’s projected his DANK tag 50 meters high on the Tate Modern, painted a 100-metre sea monster on the rusting side of a cruise liner, and created equally enormous graffiti productions in London and all over the world.

After two massively successful solo shows in 2013, Dan continued his whirlwind of creative production with a further two solo shows in London and Bristol in 2014.

In the years that have followed, his work has achieved major success, with sell-out print runs, and another two solo shows in London, in 2015 and early 2016. This led to him working with some pretty impressive stars, including Paul McCartney, Lenny Kravitz, Kylie and The Prodigy.

It was our Senior Designer Luke Waterman who first noticed Dan's fantastic work at Upfest, Europe’s largest street art and graffiti festival, held annually right here in Bristol.

"I live in Bedminster, and we're treated annually to Upfest coming to town. I first saw Dan’s work on the side of a pub on North Street a few years ago. Every year there’s something new and it’s always good. Dan's offering stuck in my mind because it’s just so different. It really stood out.”

He continued: “The scenes he depicts create a window into another world. It’s a far cry from the clichéd perception we have of graffiti."

Dan was commissioned to create an energetic piece of art on the side of our new building in Easton Road, with a view to brightening the industrial area with his unique style.

Ahead of the process, Dan told us "I usually have around seven compositions, so that I've got a rough idea of what I'm going to do, but when I actually come to the wall I like to adapt and change that initial idea to fit the space perfectly.

"I've painted in Bristol regularly for the past eight years as part of Upfest, but the rest of my year is usually spent travelling all around the world, so it's always nice to be back in Bristol.”

The whole job – from start to finish – took Dan two days, and it was pretty clear he was happy with the result.

“I’m really thrilled with how it’s turned out, and the reaction from everyone at Proctors has been fantastic.

“My style is a modern form of impressionism, using spray paint. For me, it was a natural evolution as I’ve been painting my whole life with watercolours and acrilycs; this style has just emerged from that.

“It’s certainly colourful, so I hope the Proctors team feels it’s a great addition to the building, and can be appreciated for years to come”

We highly approve Dan! And we have a sneaking suspicion our Easton neighbours do too.

You can check out some more images of our awesome wall by clicking here. Or take a look at some more of Dan's unique work here.