Speed meets performance...

September 22, 2015

Cristal is a leading manufacturer of titanium dioxide products. With nearly 4,500 employees across five continents and a steadfast commitment to research and development, it has an impeccable international reputation within the industry.

About to introduce the innovative new TiONA® 288, a super-efficient chloride process blue tone, rutile titanium dioxide pigment that was their first new product in 15 years, Cristal asked us to create a distinct new look for the launch.

They were also looking for a suitably exciting creative concept and range of new collateral to help market their exceptional new product. Starting with the concept, we looked at how to bring across the excitement of the new launch as well as concisely communicate the significant key benefits of this upgraded product. Looking at what we could express both in words and visuals, we arrived at the concept of ‘speed meets performance’. Neatly conveying its biggest selling points, it also allowed us creative scope to visually showcase the abilities and benefits.

We then took the new theme through into a new suite of marketing materials including interactive microsite, sales brochures, sales presentations, print ads, pull up banners, posters and data sheets.