The Sophistication Of Programmatic Advertising

September 15, 2014

According to reports from the IAB this year, programmatic advertising is expected to account for almost half (47%) of digital display ads. 

Yes it's technically sophisticated and cost-effective. And yes, depending on the size of the audience you're targetting, it can be very cost-efficient. 

But it does have some down-sides, and rising competition from 'native' content advertorial. I'd be interested to hear from you what your experience is with these ever evolving media models.

Programmatic advertising can certainly be both efficient and ROI effective. It’s based on the evolution of behavioural targeting and is different from native advertising in that it targets behaviour across a network of websites, based on user interactions – search, specific site visits, geo location etc. - as opposed to placement on individual sites. It’s used to automate real-time, targeted advertisements to prospects. Programmatic advertising is flexible, enabling you to buy advertising inventory according to your audiences’ profile and the budget paramaters you set, in a real-time bidding environment. 

However, many brands, B2B Marketing says, are put off by the lack of transparency when it comes to ad placement. Do you ever feel like you’re in the dark as to where and how your messages are being placed? The thought of your ads being shown on unfamiliar websites can be unnerving to many B2B companies. 

For niche, hard to get-to audiences, native advertising is an alternative option. The difference between native advertising and traditional display advert formats, is that native adverts are an integral part of the editorial content. According to research from IPG media lab, native ads are viewed for the same length of time as editorial on the page  and are more likely to be shared than a banner ad (32% versus 19% of respondents said they would share).

Here at Proctors, we've had good results from both. Programmatic buying across Europe has helped drive down the cost of acquisition from B2B IT buyers. Native content advertorial has engaged and delivered leads for one of our financial services clients, targeting a small pool of financial advisors. What's your experience? Let us know.

Vicky Shelton-Smith - Business Development Executive