Snapchat and B2B… really?!

August 24, 2015

The figures don’t lie: Snapchat is adored by young people. A staggering 71% of users are under the age of 25, and over half of college students claim they’re likely to buy something from a brand that sends them a Snapchat coupon. So why are only 1% of marketers using the platform? 

The number one reason has to be the fear of the unknown: they’ve never used Snapchat, so aren’t familiar with it. But, for B2Bs, is it worth getting to know? Well, for starters, do you answer “yes” to any of the following? 

Is part of your target audience active on Snapchat? There’s little point wasting time creating amazing content if it’s not going to be seen. But if you want to connect with Millennials, reaching them via their chosen channel – as opposed to yours – will show you are thinking of their needs.

Do you want your Snapchat strategy to play a part in your multi-channel campaign? Try to think of Snapchatting ideas that are based on a key theme – something that your audience cares about. Generally, Snapchat users will either want a behind-the-scenes sneak peek at a live event, or want to incorporate themselves into the content, like a selfie that features the brand in some way. 

Are you looking to create a location-specific campaign? This is where Snapchat comes into its own. Geofilters are probably the app’s best feature; I know that when someone sees a Snap from a user in the same location (a conference, for example) it creates a special bond between them! 

Have you seen any cracking examples of Snapchat marketing? I remember Audi using the platform at last year’s Super Bowl; apparently Snapchat activity accounted for over a third of ‘Audi’ social mentions during the game.

I’ve also seen some great Vine marketing in my time, so what’s stopping B2Bs using Snapchat too?

Jessica Ellis - Business Development Director

Photo credit: Dean Drobot /