Smooth Sailing for Vanhang

November 21, 2018

Vanhang voted Sailing Club of the Year 2018 at the Blue Festival after Senior Digital Designer, Fei Yuan helps launch new brand identity and redesign.

As the largest sailing event in China, the annual China Cup Regatta Blue Festival held at Dapeng City, recognises professional sailors and sailing enthusiasts alike who have made outstanding contributions to the Chinese sailing movement.

With a total of 9 awards, the night saw CEO Vincent Wang successfully pick up the award for Sailing Club of the Year on behalf of Vanhang Sailing and praised for becoming a leader in the industry with the club's youth sailing training programme. Vincent said, “we’re very pleased with our award and feel that the new logo and identity Fei created is brilliant and has really helped push the brand and our success”.

We sat down with Senior Digital Designer Fei to pick her brain and go behind the scenes on the creation process…

Hi Fei! So, can you tell us about the brief you were given for Vanhang Sailing?

The brief was to redesign their logo and create the whole brand identity. They didn’t have much of an identity previously and felt what they had was dated. 

They felt that the shape of the logo wasn’t dynamic enough and didn't reflect the energy of the brand. The colours were too pale, not making a strong impression, especially outdoors, on sailing boats, and out at sea, which are the predominate usage of the logo and brand considering they are a sailing club. So, their brief was to solve all of those problems and come up with a much stronger and modern identity.

We introduced the strong colours of red and blue along with their name and memorable symbols of the sea and boats.  

What was your inspiration for the logo design?

 My inspiration for the logo is mainly from the following;

  •  Typography – both English and Chinese as they are a Chinese company
  • Sailing at sea – what would that feel like
  • Sailing boat – wind filled sails

How did you capture the brand ethos through the logo design?

I guess the main thing I did was try to put myself in the position of their audience. Their audience are mainly children and young adults who have just started learning about the sport and the spirit of sailing. I grew up in a similar background (obviously a few years ago!) so I was able to imagine what this sport could bring and inspire them.

 It’s also worth mentioning that sailing is such a new sport in the Chinese market, especially for children. They aspire to western sailing organisations, therefore a less traditional approach to Chinese graphic design was appropriate.

What did you find technically challenging about the process?

 The most challenging part was probably the communication with the client. As they’re based in China, there’s a time difference. Also, the way we work over here is a bit different but overall it was a smooth project!

What were the results of the design and are you happy with them?

I’m so happy they won the Sailing Club of the Year! As it was the first major sailing competition organisation in China, it was a huge breakthrough for the brand and I’m grateful to have played a part.

CEO Vincent Wang adds: “In our first year of operation Vanhang Sailing trained 800 sailors. And last year, two years later, it was 20,000! We are now adding theatre, horse-riding and outward bound to our repertoire and we are now backed by the largest property developer in China.”

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