Skoda Fabia: The Fight For Attention

February 20, 2015

Skoda’s new interactive online ad campaign, named ‘Fight for Attention’, certainly caught our attention this week.

Launched on Monday, Skoda has used eye-tracking technology to promote its third generation Fabia Car by measuring the results of the user’s interaction in real-time. The campaign has been rolled out across 32 European markets.

The 90-second advert features two versions of the car zooming through various locations, side by side. By using the user's webcam, they can determine which car model the viewer has focused on the most, along with what the viewer saw and missed, and create individual infographics of eye movement. This infographic can then be shared on social networks, and the user is even given the option to book a test drive with a local dealer.

Now that’s an innovative campaign if ever I saw one.

Skoda claims it’s the first time a brand has ever used eye-tracking tech in a creative, but there have been plenty of other inspiring automotive campaigns that have used innovative ideas to drive engagement in recent times. Citroen asked Facebook fans to define their ideal car and received over 24,000 various submissions, seriously boosting the brand’s social engagement figures.

Skoda took a leaf out of Citroen’s book earlier this month, with a week-long augmented reality campaign in Waterloo Station. They invited passers-by to customise the car using a green screen on the station concourse, and the results were then ‘brought to life’ on a digital screen. We’re yet to see how this will affect its car sales, but the reaction is positive and getting a huge amount of media attention.

The next part of the campaign – ‘Phase B’ – is due to launch at the end of this month, and will give users the chance to create their own mini movies using an in-built editing platform.

Check out the eye-tracking ‘Fight for Attention’ ad and tell us, which one tickles your fancy?