Scarily Bad Marketing Fails!

October 30, 2015

In the marketing world, there are plenty of scarily bad marketing fails happening on a daily basis. Forget the spooky films and creepy costumes – an article I read on CMO this month explored five epic errors marketers make, so – with Halloween only a matter of hours away – what better time to explore these disturbing mistakes?

1. Not knowing your customer

It’s a major nuisance: companies ask the returning customer for their invoice number several times, or to repeat a series of digits – and the irritation this causes is more than likely to lead them to a competitor – one that recognises them on a more personal level. Customers want and expect an easy experience these days.

2. Ignoring the customer when they’re angry

It’s like a relationship: ignore your partner when they’re fuming and it’ll only make the situation ten times worse. In the marketing world, it could drive the customer away – possibly forever. If a customer has a positive experience, chances are they’ll remain loyal – according to Timmerman, 24% of consumers continue to seek out vendors two or more years after a great experience.

3. Sending the same message again – and again

How annoying is it when someone tells you a story you’ve already heard several times before? If you do this in marketing, you will undoubtedly infuriate your customers beyond belief. Personalise your message, however, and Timmerman reckons you could increase your omni-channel campaign conversion rates by 30%.

4. Using your data in the wrong way

Data can only do so much: it can inspire and educate, but you shouldn’t over-rely on it to make decisions for you – if you do, it could seriously embarrass you by making an automated marketing decision that is completely wrong. Never allow data to become siloed.

5. Always looking back instead of forward

Don’t just look back on the positives; you need to have a realistic, forward-thinking approach: listen, learn and adapt.

Have any of these marketing no-nos unnerved you?


Jessica Ellis - Business Development Director