Resellers beware!

October 16, 2015

Are you guilty of copying and pasting? By now, we’re all aware that it’s not the best idea: Google hates duplicate content – it can lead to serious de-rankings, regardless of who wrote the original copy. 

As a result, resellers, in particular, need to be especially cautious when they are listing products with content that undoubtedly overlaps with the copy of other resellers and brands. An article I read this week on Econsultancy found that certain ecommerce sites are being demoted in Google rankings for having duplicate content, and flagged them up so that other companies don’t find themselves in a similar sticky situation.

With that in mind, here are a few things to remember if you’re a reseller:

  • Content managers need to make sure the people creating product pages are doing so in a responsible way.
  • When new employees join the team, they need to have sufficient SEO training – that includes learning all about on-page elements, URL structure and metadata.
  • Writers should always try to create their own unique product copy, and make it as detailed as possible. 
  • Don’t assume product copy has to be boring – it can be as creative and rich as your editorial copy.
  • The more unique the content, the better.
  • Track your terms with daily URL tracking to see if other websites are harming yours.
  • If you witness inexplicable fluctuations, investigate further and, if needed, report to Google.

As a reseller, have you ever been penalised as a result of duplicate content?

Jessica Ellis - Business Development Director