The Recipe For Effective Lead Gen?

June 22, 2015

In business, we all know we need to talk to the right people at the right time, but – according to a recent article on the Forbes website – this requires more than just basic industry knowledge. We need to use the power of cloud-based and big data if we want to succeed in marketing.

A lot of it is down to doing our homework; in-depth knowledge is a sure-fire way to distinguish you from someone inexperienced who is trying to pitch a business. These days, there are automation tools that allow you to research businesses quickly and easily – platforms that can tell you information such as a company’s investments, revenue, competitors and employees at a glance. This knowledge will mean you’re much more likely to make a good initial impression with a prospective client.

LinkedIn can also be an extremely powerful tool. With a well-thought-out profile, you can seed your network with the advanced search tools and focus your efforts on where your target market is likely to be. By narrowing your focus, you’ll be more likely to talk to the right people at any given company.

Don’t take this literally, but you should also follow your audience wherever they go. Platforms can be used to retarget potential clients wherever they are on the Web. American Apparel, for example, used one of these platforms to retarget their Facebook ads and witnessed a 400% increase in ROI.

Ultimately, if you focus on targeting your approach, you are likely to see better results. Set aside some time each day to research your prospects – prospects that could convert into paying customers.

Jess Ellis - Business Development Director