Quit The Jargon!

May 22, 2015

Have you ever managed to establish a powerful, emotional bond with your audience through the use of business jargon? Do you know anyone who actually likes it, or is it just a bad habit we’ve picked up?

From corporate offices to CVs, acronyms, buzzwords and jargon are everywhere. And they’ve become so overused that they sometimes fail to convey any real, solid information. Often, it’s just a load of fluff. Yes, sometimes a phrase might feel appropriate for a certain scenario, but (more likely than not) there is another, clearer way of getting your message across. Simply talking like a normal human being is usually the best option!

Whether you’re hitting the ground running, thinking outside the box, or using acronyms that people have to Google to even vaguely understand, it is possible to sound professional and knowledgeable without creating jargon-filled content. In fact, jargon overload can have the opposite effect; it can imply that you don’t really know your topic as well as you should or that you have nothing new to say on the matter.

As well as this, it can actually damage SEO. Online users will search for terms that reflect the way they speak, and it also sends out a boring message which can harm a brand’s credibility.

So, maybe next time we’re about to reach into the jargon pot, we should ask ourselves: What exactly am I trying to communicate here? Will my target audience be able to relate to what I’m saying, or am I resorting to jargon because I don’t actually know what my point is?

What would you say are the most overused business buzzwords of the moment?

Photo credit: Chris Piascik