P+S partners with Royal Navy to Celebrate affiliation with the city of Bristol

July 12, 2019

P+S is delighted to be part of the City of Bristol’s affiliation with the Royal Navy’s state-of-the-art aircraft carrier, HMS Prince of Wales.

As the sister ship to the recently launched HMS Queen Elizabeth, HMS Prince of Wales is one of the largest and most advanced aircraft carriers ever commissioned by the Royal Navy. 

At 280 metres long, the Ship is almost the length of the Clifton Suspension Bridge. She weighs 65,000 tonnes, has a flight deck wider than the M25 and capacity for 36 fighter jets and 4 helicopters. She also happens to house a surgical theatre, gym facilities, cinemas, and even a bakery.

Alongside combat and emergency relief, HMS Prince of Wales will play a key role as a ‘global ambassador’ for Britain, hosting VIPs and royalty for state visits, industry days, ceremonial and educational events promoting the UK, and particularly her affiliated cities, Bristol and Liverpool. 

Proctors is proud to have designed a new crest commemorating the link between the Ship and the two cities steeped in maritime history.

Managing Director of P+S, Roger Proctor, explains, “Knowing that a bit of Bristol will travel with the Ship as she represents Britain around the world, and that Proctor + Stevenson played a role in this, is truly wonderful.”

HMS Prince of Wales is expected to be commissioned from 2020 and ready for front-line duties from 2023. From there, she’s been designed to have an active life of 50 years.