Proctors nominated for Environmental Business Award

May 30, 2018

It was announced this afternoon that Proctor + Stevenson are amongst three other finalists for an Environmental Business Award.

The Environmental Business Award comes as part of the Bristol Post's annual Business Awards, and Proctors find themselves coming up against stiff competition from Mitie Waste and Environmental, Triodos Bank UK and St Monica Trust.

Being environmentally friendly is part of our DNA: our Managing Director Roger Proctor’s interest in the environment began over 50 years ago, when he noticed pollution at sea.

Roger’s father, of course, was the great Ian Proctor who was a prolific designer of both sailing dinghies and cruisers.

“Growing up on the Solent with oil and plastic being thrown into the sea from large ships and boats, you wouldn’t fail to encounter it on a daily basis.

“It installed a sense of shame in me that we seemed to care so little for the world we live in, and that’s just stuck with me ever since”.

More than 15 years ago, Proctors created a dual fuel electric company car policy, the first in the city of Bristol.

This states all company cars must be either electric or hybrid, chargeable via our six solar-powered charging points. The company also offers its employees a cycle to work scheme which is used by over 30% of our staff.

We’re proud to lead the way with emerging practices and technologies in our efforts to address Bristol’s air pollution problems, alongside wider global environmental concerns.

To further reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, we installed 90 photovoltaic solar panels on our roof. This allows us to entirely power our office with renewable energy and feed the surplus back into the national grid.

In addition to being the first business in Bristol to have an entirely electric and hybrid car policy, we are the first building in the city to use CristalACTiV, a new anti-pollution paint that collects air pollutants from the surrounding air and oxidises them so they can be safely washed away in the rain, so improving the surrounding atmosphere.

We’ve improved air quality inside the building as well. We want our employees to be happy and healthy, so we’ve installed trees, plants, and two ‘living walls’ in the office to make the air as oxygen-rich as possible.

We recycle all paper, cardboard, glass, plastics and tins via the Bristol Waste Company in a weekly collection – representing 85% of our waste.

Rogers' commitment to the environment has also shaped our entire new office.

From recycling, designing and renovating our purpose-built premises to embracing emerging tech and leading the way with two Bristol ‘firsts’, we’ve made determined strides towards reducing our business’s carbon footprint while addressing key local and global environmental issues.

"The decision was made to move offices three years ago and redevelop a property which allowed me to extend the depth and scope of our environmental commitment.

"Choosing an existing building to renovate was important to us: we wanted to regenerate and make use of existing resources, rather than create something from scratch.

"Overhauling an old building meant we could both make a positive impact in the local area, and redesign it to be more environmentally friendly for the future."

Our carefully designed home has transformed a previously environmentally inefficient building into a bustling office with a particularly low carbon footprint.

Solar energy has drastically lowered our reliance on non-renewable fuel, while our transport policy has lowered the petrol consumption of our cars and the toxic emissions they produce – a key concern for Bristol as a city in particular.

Our continued commitment to new technology and practices means we’re constantly exploring and investing in our environmental future – something we continue to do with dedication and integrity each day.

The Bristol Post Business Awards are an annual event which will take place at Ashton Gate Stadium on Thursday 21st June and Proctor + Stevenson will be hoping to bring the Environmental Business Award back to our new home in Easton.