Proctor + Stevenson look back at their 5 favourite rebrands over the years

December 20, 2018

Whether it’s a logo update or a complete design overhaul, a rebrand has always been an exciting (and challenging) project for us here at Proctors.

So, in celebration of the end of a successful year and the reflective mood 2019 brings, the Proctor + Stevenson creative team decided to take a look back at some of their favourite and aesthetically pleasing rebrand designs from across the years...

Let’s dive straight in and take a look at the most stunning, attention grabbing, head scratching new visual identities that came to life over the past few years and are still standing strong in 2018.


Dusting off a logo originally designed in1968, Co-op rebooted their branding to create a recognisable, dynamic and timeless logo.  Our designer Katie Elvins told us “I liked the fact co-op went back to their original logo and that both logos have been stripped back to it simplistic form. Good, clean typographic designs”

The brand also launched a new marketing strategy this year which aimed to show how people can come together to make the most of mealtimes with product placements in TV shows such as Coronation Street.

Great Western Railway (GWR) 

Great Western Railway (GWR) formerly known as First Great Western marked their biggest investment yet by implementing a new brand strategy and visual identity.

Head of Development, Ross Graton had this to say, “I think it’s part re-brand, part reverse-brand. The central W is actually taken from the original brand. When I first saw this on the trains, I thought it was entirely using the old brand, and what’s super smart about the use of the W is that all the old iron benches that are still at the train stations have the old W brand on them. Very smart.”

The new branding was applied across several elements of the network - from rolling stock and ticket offices, to uniforms, timetables, a new-look website and mobile app. GWR also released new and refurbished trains which will include free WiFi, on every area of the network by December 2018. Sounds fancy doesn't it?


In the aftermath of the financial crisis, Nationwide decided to refresh its brand, unveiling the brand name “building society Nationwide” and a campaign aimed at explaining more clearly how it differs from its competitors.

Digital Designer Rob Squires added “They’re also at the forefront of UX testing, they research the entire journey the customer takes. They even have a fake branch in Swindon for testing the UI & UX on their cash machines. That combined with the fact that they’ve got the best services app I’ve ever used.”

In March 2018, Nationwide rolled out a new, open-plan store concept that steers away from closed glass booths and instead creates a sense of open-ness to “humanise” the brand and to also set Nationwide apart from other mainstream banks.


Remember that time KFC ran out of chicken?  We certainly do.

Earlier this year fast food, Kentucky fried chicken restaurant KFC faced the unbelievable dilemma of a chicken shortage. Due to operational issues by DHL, a number of deliveries were incomplete or delayed leaving KFC no other option but to shut up shop until they were able to sell (what they're known for) again.

However, what was a painful experience and funny, viral joke for KFC soon turned into a genius marketing campaign with a tongue-in-cheek jab at the branding of the product.

John Lewis & Partners + Waitrose & Partners

In September John Lewis decided to make the 83,000 partners who work for John Lewis and Waitrose part of their brand name and logo. The rebrand aimed to highlight its partnership business model and strategy to differentiate itself from competitors.

With the grocery market becoming more competitive and department stores/high street retailers showing a slow decline, aligning the John Lewis & Watirose more closely and keeping focus on what makes them unique through their staff, stores, customer experience and marketing is a smart move.


What are your favourite rebrands of 2018 or across the years? Find us on social and let us know!