The Power of Personas

August 14, 2015

Building personas can often feel like a colossal game of Guess Who. When built well, they take a whole lot of effort to produce. But do you fall into one of the 83% who have created buyer personas, yet don’t actually go on to use them effectively?

To me, this seems like a complete waste of time and energy; when you go to all that effort of building personas, you need to harness their power, not just do it in order to tick ‘create personas’ off your to-do list. 

According to an article I read last week on Business2Community, “If personas are built well, how to use them is obvious.”

But what if it’s not obvious? Well, here are a few ways personas can be used in B2B marketing:

Relate to their perspective. For example, how long has the persona been in their career or position for? This will help you recognise ways in which to engage them – if they are ‘detail oriented’ then content should be deep and thorough rather than high level with sweeping statements. 

Answer their questions. Speak to your customers and allow them to see you as a “valuable partner”, not just as a “solutions vendor”.

Find their channel. This will help create your distribution plans and discover the best means through which to engage them.

Discover their content preferences. If, for example, your persona doesn’t favour video, why bother creating them? If they want whitepapers, give them whitepapers.

Use their keywords. Every business sector and individual has key phrases they use. Incorporating them will prove to the customer that your business understands theirs, making your content both relevant and discoverable.

In B2B, the buying process can take months, if not years. It’s all about finding a compass to keep you on track, allowing you to maintain consistency. 

Jessica Ellis - Business Development Director