The Power of Animation

February 16, 2015

Cast your mind (or imagination) back to the 1950s and you may remember when Kellogg’s realised the power of animation, bringing to life the hand-drawn characters already used on their cereal boxes. In recent years, however, we’ve seen animation inject imagination and creativity into the marketing world in a way we never could have predicted. Skilful animation is not just for adverts and children’s movies; it’s being used in website videos and all sorts of corporate communication, often with extremely effective results. But why should your company tap into the capabilities of this dynamic medium?

Grab attention

Showing your product or service, rather than explaining it, is an effective way to grab attention. However, when it comes to animation in email marketing, make sure it is compatible with your clients’ devices. Big files that can’t be downloaded quickly can easily lead to a frustrated audience.

Quick visual summary

Especially in boardroom presentations, animation can be used to get the point across quickly, saving your clients’ precious time. An animated 3D presentation, rather than bringing the real product in and setting it up, can demonstrate its advantages instantly.  It’s certainly a more effective sales tool than a 30,000-word report!

Gain understanding

Animation can demonstrate a complicated system or process, or it can give an insight into what an incomplete product/project will look like when finished. Even the most complex product idea can be explained.


Website animation - when entertaining, sophisticated and clever - can be a way to engage surfers and keep them on your site. When static elements of a business message are brought to life with animation, the whole message is much more engaging.

Lasting impression

As well as showing you are a tech savvy brand, animation (when used appropriately) can make your product or service more memorable and appealing. Viewers of animation retain 58% more information than they do from images alongside black and white text. Higher recall value and impact means you’ll remain fresh in the client’s mind.

I believe that animated videos are a great way of telling your brand’s story, creating a more engaging, spiced-up, thought-provoking campaign. When a sophisticated video is distributed on the appropriate channels, the ROI can be invaluable for years to come.

What’s the most memorable animated marketing video you’ve seen?

Jessica Ellis - Business Development Director