Pin It, Buy It: Could Pinterest Rule Social Media Commerce?

July 27, 2015

Although you can’t quite compare its user-base to the social big shots (namely, Twitter and Facebook), with 70 million monthly users, Pinterest’s popularity is still very real. And everyone’s favourite pinning platform recently announced they are going to follow the two social giants and launch their very own ‘buy’ button.

HubSpot reckons this could change ecommerce forever. But, with considerably fewer users than Facebook and Twitter, how would it be possible for Pinterest to dominate the market?

Well, what with all the privacy issues of late, people are naturally somewhat wary of revealing their financial information to Facebook and Twitter, in case it makes its way into the wrong hands. Also, when you buy something, your ‘friends’ – possibly including your boss and nan – can see what you’ve just bought.

And there’s another reason why Pinterest could succeed: because people log onto the platform with a desire to purchase. Facebook and Twitter, however, are generally used for sharing; whether that comes in the form of selfies or interesting articles. With the new ‘buy’ button on Pinterest, Hubspot believes that, “by removing one or two steps between “want and “own”, Pinterest could fill a huge void in the ecommerce world.

Pinterest is already helping ecommerce, even prior to its future ‘buy’ button’; Rich Pins, Pin It buttons and Promoted Pins all inform users with everything they need to buy. While they still have to click onto the brand’s website in order to purchase the item, at this stage they’ve already made their mind up.

With a reported $11 billion from funding to build and test the new button, I’m pretty confident they’ll come up with the goods. Will your brand be lining up to be a guinea pig?

Jessica Ellis - Business Development Director

Photo credit: Rose Carson /