The Perfect Moment?

August 10, 2015

There are many daily instances where I have to judge the “perfect moment” – both in my work and personal life. Finding the best time to ask a friend for a favour, or telling a client they’re about to go over budget are two that spring to mind; those are both situations when getting the timing right can strongly affect the outcome! But what about when it comes to finding the perfect moment to get the attention of today’s always-connected consumer? 

An article on Ad Age gave advice to marketers, particularly auto marketers, about how to drive more value by taking advantage of these so-called “moments.” 

Moments really can influence purchasing decisions and give marketers the chance to connect offline and online worlds – but it’s all down to great timing and insights into what matters most to a target audience. And these moments can come in numerous guises: cultural, authentic and real-time. 

Cultural moments

Lexus has created a teaser video for a real, working, rideable hoverboard that seems to have taken inspiration from ‘Back to the Future Part II’. In the film, the characters time travel to 2015, so Lexus has now connected itself to this timely cultural moment. The video has received over 7.5 million views on YouTube to date.

Authentic moments

A few years ago, Toyota’s ‘Swagger Wagon’ campaign aimed to tap into the reality of adults having to move onto the next stage in their lives (i.e. parenthood) and needing a practical car for an expanding family while still trying to appear cool. This is a prime example of a brand leveraging authentic moments in their target audiences’ lives.

Real-time moments

The benefits that come with embracing real-time micro moments are almost instant. During last year’s World Series, Rikk Wilde from Chevrolet boasted about the car’s “you know, technology and stuff.” The live blunder started trending on Twitter, so Chevrolet itself decided to get involved, tweeting about #TechnologyAndStuff. According to Automotive News, the move earned them around $5 million in free media exposure. 

Have you nailed the perfect marketing moment?

Jessica Ellis - Business Development Director