A Peek Into The World Of Marketers

September 4, 2014

I love a good infographic, so when I came across one this week by Marketscan, entitled What’s Right (and Wrong) with Current Marketing Campaign Planning, it sounded right up my street. Some of the stats were really quite interesting - some of them shocking - so I thought I’d share a few with you today, as a special Thursday morning treat!

Marketing activity continues to be high – in fact, half of marketers involved in the study claim to run at least one campaign a month, with 3.6% running less than one new campaign a year (now that’s lazy!).

55% of marketers can create a campaign in less than a month, with a third taking around three months to complete.
It’s a juggling act: most campaigns run for over a month, so many marketers are managing numerous campaigns simultaneously. We’re good at multi-tasking!

The main mission is sales lead generation – this is the case for 85% of marketers. Customer retention is the main purpose for 42%.
Marketers have increasingly got their finger on the pulse, but - surprisingly/worryingly - around one fifth have zero clue who their target audience is when performing marketing campaign planning.

Is data being analysed to its full potential? Only a quarter of those surveyed use known customer profiles, with 10% relying on trial and error.
It seems that email is still king: 92% of marketers now use email in their campaigns. However, less than 10% have integrated marketing automation into their campaigns.

Measurement seems to be the biggest challenge for many marketers. Some 36% claim they just can’t get the “right” data. Perhaps the biggest shocker out of these stats was that 8% of marketers never even check their outcomes!

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Jessica Ellis - Business Development Director