Pantone’s pastel predictions…

December 21, 2015

For the past 16 years, colour forecasting company Pantone annually announces its Colour of the Year predictions for the following year – and this month it’s released its 2016 colours: Serenity and Rose Quartz (that’s baby blue and baby pink to you and me).

This is the first time Pantone has ever released two colours, but it believes that the blend reflects a “gender neutrality” that has become increasingly stronger over the past year or so. These colours are said to be calming, and that’s what we need in our fast-paced, hurried lives.

The two colours are certainly strong on the fashion scene – I noticed that Chanel paired them for its A/W 2015 collection and Prada and Fendi did the same for S/S, promoting both colours to be worn by men and women.

There are also many interior designers using these colours for everything from kitchen wares to soft furnishings, bedding to lighting.

Funnily enough, these soft pastel hues have been incorporated into many of our designs as an agency this year. But what do you think of these shades?

It’s something that splits opinion when it comes to web design. Do you think these colours should be strictly left for nursery decoration? Do they make you want to vomit? Perhaps you love the colours in design but wouldn’t be seen dead wearing them? Maybe the mug is on your Christmas wish list? Whatever your stance, I’d love to hear your thoughts on Pantone’s predictions.

Jessica Ellis - Business Development Director